Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions that I made. On hiring Meagan Heaton when I was around 4.5 months pregnant, I did much more than hire a labor “coach”; I also found an amazing friend and confidant. Meagan was a great help with the middle of night panic attacks that started when I was around 7 months pregnant. She arrived to my house very quickly after I called and asked her to come and had been in constant conversation with me since 11 p.m. the night before. During labor, despite being pregnant herself, she worked SO hard to provide me every comfort possible. These things are great and important, but when I think of Meagan and when I think of a doula, there are two things that had the greatest impact.
My doula was an incredible force of peace, comfort, and confidence while I was in labor. While I was so in my head, anxious, and scared, she was like a beacon of light calling me through to the other side of the storm. Secondly, when she came to home for our followup appointment, I had allowed those feelings I had during labor encompass the event and I felt very down on myself and questioned my ability to be a good mother because of those things. Meagan approached me with so much care and spoke of how proud she was of me, and how well I had done. I believe her confidence and love in that moment changed who I was as a mother from that time on. Since then, when I’ve faced hard moments of mothering I think back to these two instances.  I will never forget these moments and they will continue to have a positive impact on my life and the life of my child.

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