“Placenta Encapsulation”

 There are many benefits that placenta encapsulation can provide ie: Helping eliminate or lesson baby blues and (PPD), helps with a thicker milk supply, Providing more energy, lessening postpartum bleeding and more. It is consumed via encapsulation and done in a Raw or Traditional Chinese method form.

When you deliver your baby please store the placenta in the fridge or on ice. Please contact me to let me know when your placenta is ready and where it can be picked up. Once encapsulation process is completed it will be returned with the capsules within 24-48 hours and payment will be due.

Fee for service: $230.00

Fee for services: $200.00 

Discounted price is for Doula/repeat clients

we accept: Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check

Please contact me with any questions: HERE