For the month of November I will be posting a couple birth stories a week. Birth is something I am so grateful for and I love being able to read birth stories, watch videos, or see inspiring pictures. While I was pregnant with my baby boy prepping for my “dream birth” reading stories and watching videos was something that I loved to do on a daily basis. It really helped me prep for my birth in a way. As a doula I am so grateful to be apart of these beautiful stories as well and would love to help mommas out there who may need an inspiring birth story to read. If you have a story you would like to share please e mail me HERE.


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National Breastfeeding Week 2015

This week has been amazing. As most of you know it is National BF week. I was able to kick the week off at the farmers market volunteering at the Breastfeeding Cafe booth where moms who were attending the market could come over and get out of the hot sun and feed their babies in a comfortable cozy chair. It was so fun to talk to all of the moms who came over. The Breastfeeding Cafe is such a wonderful non profit organization striving to reach out to the public and help others know that breastfeeding is normal, inspire breastfeeding through conversation and encourage relationships among breastfeeding advocates. There is so much happening with the cafe this year. Feel free to check out their schedule and more about the Cafe here.

I have been so grateful and blessed that I have been able to nurse both of my girls past a years mark. Breastfeeding can be hard but it can also bring so much happiness. I loved nursing my girls and hope for future babies I will be able to continue to do so. If your a nursing mom who has nursed before or may be a new nursing mom and ever has any questions please feel free to call my very talented and amazing partner Sierra at Bud2Blossom . She would be happy to help you in any way that she can.

I also wanted to remind you if you would like to be apart of the Beauty in Breastfeeding project contact Laura.  Check out the beautiful stories for this wonderful project here