Fitness- Arms and Legs

These are fitness videos arefor anyone needing a quick workout. This Arm and Leg workout was designed for everyone! As many of you may know I have started a YouTube channel. My goal with this channel is to help anyone feel like they can get a nice quick workout in during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum. Today’s workout is nice and short but will hopefully leave you with a little shake in your arms and legs. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and look out for more videos coming out soon.

I would love to know what type of workout you would like to do. Please e mail me and tell me what you would like to work on and Ill get that video created for you!

Tiny Blessings doula starts YouTube Fitness Channel

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My doula Impacted me – Says Hillary

My Birth doula impacted my entire pregnancy in the best way possible.

I was more in tune with my body and my baby than my first pregnancy and it made me feel like I had an even more amazing connection with my baby.
The day of my birth was the best day of my life. My doula was there every step and was like my right arm. I needed her there and she’ll never know how grateful I am for her. Bringing my second child into the world non medicated was the most incredible feeling in the world and I owe LOTS of it to her.
Utah doula helping her client through her unmedicated birthAll in all, my doula impacted my life by empowering me and letting me know that my body and mind are capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.

Hiring a doula was the best decision- Says Amy

Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions that I made. On hiring Meagan Heaton when I was around 4.5 months pregnant, I did much more than hire a labor “coach”; I also found an amazing friend and confidant. Meagan was a great help with the middle of night panic attacks that started when I was around 7 months pregnant. She arrived to my house very quickly after I called and asked her to come and had been in constant conversation with me since 11 p.m. the night before. During labor, despite being pregnant herself, she worked SO hard to provide me every comfort possible. These things are great and important, but when I think of Meagan and when I think of a doula, there are two things that had the greatest impact.
My doula was an incredible force of peace, comfort, and confidence while I was in labor. While I was so in my head, anxious, and scared, she was like a beacon of light calling me through to the other side of the storm. Secondly, when she came to home for our followup appointment, I had allowed those feelings I had during labor encompass the event and I felt very down on myself and questioned my ability to be a good mother because of those things. Meagan approached me with so much care and spoke of how proud she was of me, and how well I had done. I believe her confidence and love in that moment changed who I was as a mother from that time on. Since then, when I’ve faced hard moments of mothering I think back to these two instances.  I will never forget these moments and they will continue to have a positive impact on my life and the life of my child.

“Doula’s are INCREDIBLE” says Lydnsay Carlson

Doulas are incredible support not only in birth, but in pregnancy as well.  How nice is it to have someone you can call or text any time of day to ask questions?  Or how about after the entire pregnancy and birth are over you now have a friend who shared a very life changing event with you.

I was lucky to have a wonderful birth team.  A birth photographer, who is also a doula was on my team.  My personal doula, Karina, was there for my long birth process.  And even a stand by doula, Meagan Heaton, who I also still get to be a friend with.
My doula, Karina, was wonderful.  I specifically chose her because she had been through a c-section birth herself.  Honestly, having a c-section scared me.  I wanted to make sure that if I did end up having one I’d have someone who could keep me calm and walk me through the process.
My birth plan was to give birth at a birth center.  I kept an open mind in that if something were to change so would my birth plan as long as both myself and baby were healthy.  At the birth center there was a lot of help, but my doula was there constantly helping me with counter pressure, water, or just a hand to hold.
My birth plan did change.  I had a long labor and needed some rest due to my contractions starting to space further apart.  My midwife transferred me, with my consent, to a hospital to get an epidural to allow me to relax, and some petocin to start my contractions moving again.  Karina helped me with the transfer and made sure as much of my wishes could be honored at the hospital.  I forgot my birth plan at home and she had it with her.  They were able to give it to the nurses there at the hospital.  She helped get a mirror so I could watch the birth as much as possible.  She made sure that our wishes for dad to catch baby came true.
My midwife was doing my placenta encapsulation.  She made sure that the placenta was given to my midwife.  There are a lot of little details that she just took care of for me.  I didn’t have to think of anything.  The best detail was the birth story that she wrote for me after the birth.  It was so nice to read about the process and always have it dear to my heart.
I found out my incredible doula was pregnant after I had given birth.  Much later after watching her pregnancy I read her birth story and saw her birth photography.  I don’t know about other women, but I kinda look at doulas as super women.  When I read Karina’s birth story, I realized she had a lot of the same feelings and fears as me going through the birth process.  That helped me realize that hey, we all are superwomen, just the doulas get to see it on a daily basis.
FInd more about Karina HERE!
If you agree with Lyndsay and think doulas are incredible and you have a story to share please feel free to e mail Me and I would love to publish your story!

World Doula week 2017

Salt Lake doula shares about doulas during world doula weekMarch 22nd to March 28th is world doula week. I wanted to take this week to share stories from families that have somehow been touched or impacted by a doula. Maybe you didn’t hire a doula, or maybe she just helped you over e mail. No matter how she may have impacted you I would love to share your stories.

In honor of World doula week I would like to share my own reason why I love doulas. My birth was one that I will never forget. Being a doula Im surrounded by so many doulas and truly have felt the love from all of them during my labor journey. My birth may have been unique. I had 5 women who I knew would be able to help me through a labor journey that I had been hoping for for years. Each woman brought a “special ingredient” to my birth. My husband made fun of me for a really long time asking if he needed to attend the birth since I would have a village. He agreed after my birth they were so needed. During pregnancy there are a lot of mind games that we may have. Going back and forth in what happens if…. and what do we do if….. My doulas were always there for me to talk to and they would always rejuvenate my spirits and help me feel motivated again. They were there during my birth to help me get through some of the past triggers that I had and remind me that I was okay. Their support was incredible for both my husband and myself.

After the birth Ric said that he really could not imagine the birth without them and was grateful that I had chosen them for our birthing team. Doulas are amazing, YES I know I am one myself so Im biased but having a doula at my birth was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my husband.

I love what I do and am so grateful for my doulas and all their support that they did and still do provide me with.

To all my fellow doula’s Happy World doula week!!!!

Salt lake doula writes on what a doula is for

I was so excited when I heard that I would have the opportunity to write for I love their site and everything that they offer.  On the blog post at I explained more about what a doula is and how a doula can benefit a mother and her partner during their pregnancy, delivery, and even the postpartum stages.

SO… What is a doula? It was 2014 and I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. I wanting to achieve a Vaginal birth after a prior cesarean that I had had in 2011. I had done a lot of research during my pregnancy but it was’t until my good friend Courtney had her baby that I had heard of a doula. After listening to her story I was really able to understand the importance of having one during the labor process. At 36 weeks 3 days pregnant I walked up to my husband while he was watching ESPN sports and I said “Hey hun what would you think about having a doula?” He said what? ummm? I could tell he was busy watching the game and was probably wondering, What is a doula?  I figured I would let him watch the game he was watching and I would revisit the topic at a later date.

Two nights later we went to dinner together just him and I. I asked him again, Can we hire a doula? He said what is a doula? After explaining he said ya maybe…. Then asked why I wanted one. I explained that I wanted the knowledge as well as the experience in birth and would love someone on our side. He wasn’t too sure about it but continued to listen. I kept explaining all of the things I was hoping for and he eventually said No I think Ill be enough I don’t think we need to hire a doula. I said okay and continued planning for my VBAC. My husband went out of town at 38 weeks. AT 38+5  weeks I went into labor and he was in Texas. He arrived late in the evening and I had been in early labor for a few hours but nothing had really started picking up yet. I was really wishing I had someone there to help me know what to do.

I got to the hospital and requested a pro VBAC/natural nurse. She was wonderful and she was also a doula. It was then when I learned a lot more about doulas as we chatted while I labored. Although my labor ended in a repeat c-section she was incredible and I will never forget those 6 hours I had with her.

After that experience I wanted to look more into what a doula does etc. So I googled, What is a doula? I KNEW right then this is what I wanted to be and started my training right away. There are so many amazing doulas out there and I would like to share with you today the blog post that I wrote.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Elizabeth Ashdown Photography! She’s AMAZING (maternity, birth, newborn etc)

If you are pregnant and looking for maternity photos, a birth story, newborn pictures or even just some family pictures. Elizabeth Ashdown is your gal. She is great at what she does. Easy to get along with, professional, wants to be sure you get what your looking for, and knows how to work a camera.

I met Elizabeth last November when I traveled to Springville to attend our Doula retreat. I was so excited to go up in the mountains and be with my doula sisters. When I got up there I was told that there was a photographer there doing headshots for those who were interested. I hadn’t had a headshot done in a while so I signed up. When it was my turn Elizabeth and I went outside to find a spot to shoot and we started chatting. It was almost like I already knew her. We were able to have a natural conversation and I learned that we lived in the same neighborhood and had kids the same age and gender.

She was so easy to get along with. We shot my headshot which by the way was fantastic and then I went back inside. I took her cards so when I got home we could connect. LET ME TELL YOU FOLKS! Elizabeth Ashdown is amazing! I was so excited to be able to be her “buddy” at the expo. I would recommend her any day! I wanted to share her and her website with you today. GO CHECK HER OUT!

To find her website visit elizabethashdown.comElizabeth Ashdown Photography is a Salt Lake city birth Photographer

Pregnancy/Postpartum Workout (Arms and Bums)

Pregnancy/Postpartum workout video number one (Arms and Bums)

Before I became a doula I taught a fitness barre class and dance. I love the feeling I get when I see someone sweat or smile after a workout. The feeling of accomplishment after a good burn is always something I look forward to when I walk into a class or start a workout. SO Today I started my own youtube channel. It is designed to help mothers perinatally, pregnant, and postpartum feel like they can get a good workout in their daily lives. Fitness is so important and even if it is 15 minutes I am feel great if I do it.

I am SUPER excited to have my first video up. (Arms and Bums) Along with being a mom, wife, and doula I have a love for fitness. These videos will be designed for those who would like to workout during pregnancy, after baby comes, and or anytime! Its designed for all. Thanks so much for all of your support!

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Utah Doula Association Spring Conference 2017

I am so excited to announce that this April the Utah Doula Association will be holding their 2017 Spring Conference. I am so honored to be able to be on the conference committee this year. We have planned an amazing day planned. This event is going to be filled with amazing speakers, food, and company. We have the founder of the UDA coming to speak along with Dr. Jed VanDenBerghe to discuss on the Holistic Approach on Autism, Terah Jones, FNP & Cami Bearnson, RN, CNM Candidate supporting families that have unplanned outcomes during birth and many more. There will also be amazing giveaways through the day.

Something I would like to clarify is that this event is not only for those in the birthing community. This event is for EVERYONE. The Utah doula association has made it easy for anyone to attend. If you are a birth worker and you are not sure if you can attend because you have a client due thats okay too. There is a new perk this year so if your on call and can’t make it that’s okay! You won’t miss out. There is an online version available.

This is an event you wont want to miss. Early bird pricing is happening right now. 80$ for the entire day ALSO be entered to win a beautiful robozo just for registering. Ticket pricing goes up February 8th. Head over to Utah NOW.
Tiny blessings doula invites you to the utah doula association sprig conference 2017

Empowering Fearless Birth expo….. February 18th

Tiny Blessings doula services is excited to announce the Empowering Fearless Birth expo coming up February 18th from 1-9pm at the Miller Campus in Sandy Utah.

The birth expo is coming up soon and I wanted to invite you all to attend. I am a proud supporter of this event and am so excited to be having my own booth this year. This event is so highly attended and the vendors are incredible. There will be awesome prizes as well!
(this event is for anyone Pregnant, trying to become pregnant, just had a baby, or just simply would like to attend!
ALSO…. Go check out the Doula Speed Dating event I will be there and would love to meet you and answer any questions!
I would love to gift you and your friends a ticket. If you are wanting to attend this expo please contact me today!