The birth of Krew Anderson

Sometimes birth can be unexpected and babies can have their own idea of when they want to come. That sometimes is early and sometimes late. In this case baby Krew wanted to come early and he worked really hard to do so. Momma was able to keep him in until 37 weeks and he came out ready to concur the world.

“They finally placed him on my chest skin-to-skin and he looked up at me with the sweetest look. He knew I was his mama. One look at him and i knew my life would never be the same and I didn’t mind it one bit. It was quite the trial getting him here but i wouldn’t give up my sweet angel for anything”



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Birth of Gabrielle Elaine Robinson

Un-medicated VBAC!

After two weeks of prodromal labor, two false-alarm visits to Labor & Delivery, and

an external cephalic version to turn baby girl head down since she was breech, my birth

time had finally arrived at 36 weeks 5 days. You would think after going into labor on my

own two times before that I would know when it is real labor, but this little girl was a


I had my growth scans done with Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM), due to Type 1

diabetes, and they said she was around 8 lbs 11 oz at 35 weeks. Two different MFM doctors

told me that I should have a repeat c-section especially since my first baby was 8 lbs 13 oz,

and had shoulder dystocia. On top of that baby girl was breech and she would more than

likely be bigger than 8 lbs 13 oz at delivery if I went to 40 weeks around August 28, 2016.

I went in to my OB, Dr. Sean Edmunds, for my 36 week appointment on Friday

August 5, 2016. We had previously talked about doing an induction soon because baby girl

was getting big and chances for successful VBAC went down the bigger she got. He told

me that MFM wouldn’t approve an induction this early because her lungs may not be ready.

I was contracting quite frequently at this appointment and Dr. Edmunds said that he’ll

probably be seeing me this weekend in Labor & Delivery. He sent us down to talk to MFM

and go over our options for induction. The MFM doctor said that we could have an

amniocentesis at 37 weeks to see if baby girl’s lungs were developed enough for an

induction, or just wait until 38 weeks for the induction. We were pretty sure that baby girl

was coming before that so everything he was saying was moot. This MFM doctor told us

that if I were his wife he would want me to have a repeat c-section. I just ignored him

because I was pretty sure baby girl would be making her debut soon.

We got home around 11:00 a.m. and I asked my mom took our two boys since I was

contracting and Chase, my husband, would be working and wouldn’t be able to help out.

My contractions were getting a lot stronger now and I started losing my mucus plug. With

my other two I had never seen my mucus plug, but this whole pregnancy was way different

than the other two. I tried sleeping through the contractions because that was the only

way they would stop the previous two weeks, but now they were waking me up. Since I

couldn’t sleep, I asked my husband to play the card game Rummy with me. We played

Rummy between contractions, even while I was in the tub. Around 7:00 p.m. the

contractions got more intense and closer together. We decided it was time to leave for our

pre-birth place, Little America, and call the photographer, Julian Marks and doulas: Rachel,

Alexa, Robynne, and my sister Natalie. We wanted to labor somewhere closer to our

hospital in case anything happened, but not at the hospital so I could not be disturbed.

Little America also has great tubs!

When we arrived at Little America I waited in the car while Chase got the keys to

our room. The contractions were pretty strong now. Once we got up to our room, room

902, Chase filled up the tub for me and I labored there while my birth team arrived. I

labored in the tub for a while, and then I felt like I needed to change positions. I labored

standing, on hands and knees, in the bed on my side, on the birth ball, with rebozo sifting,

basically everywhere and in all positions while my doulas and Chase applied counter-
pressure. This was unlike my other un-medicated delivery where I didn’t want to move at

all. After laboring for 6 hours at Little America I was getting tired and things seemed to be

moving slowly, so we decided to go to the hospital to see what was happening and decide

our game plan from there. I started crying because I felt like a failure. Alexa and Rachel

came down to my face and told me that I was not a failure and that I am still doing it. This

helped me feel better and get me back into my zone.

We arrived at St. Mark’s hospital and walked to Labor & Delivery stopping every so

often to breathe through the contractions. The nurses asked me if I needed a wheelchair,

but we told them I was fine. They took us to room 13. They gave me a band to hold the

monitors in place and told me they would get me a different gown to wear. I told them “I’m

wearing this”, pointing to my Pretty Pusher. Chase handed over my birth plans (Plan A and

Plan B) to our nurse, Chelsea, and I continued laboring. I let her do a cervical check but

told her not to tell me what I was. I found out later that I was 5 cm and 100% effaced.

Rachel went in the hall to talk to Chelsea so that we could decide on a game plan. Rachel

didn’t tell me my dilation but wanted to let me know that I was 100% effaced and said that I

was further along than she had expected.

We talked about breaking my water but I was really afraid to. I had A LOT of fluid

(polyhydramnios) and I was very concerned about cord prolapsed because I had some

dreams during pregnancy about it. I also knew the contractions were going to get more

intense when my water broke and they were already pretty intense. After 3 more hours I

decided to let them break my water because I was getting starting to get exhausted.

Chelsea said the hospitalist would come and break it since Dr. Edmunds wasn’t there yet.

While we were waiting for the hospitalist to come, I had a contraction and during that

contraction I remembered that Chase and I hadn’t put on my special jewel stickers. As

soon as the contraction ended I said, “Chase…”

He said, “Yeah?” with concern in his voice.

“We forgot to vajazzle!” My birth team just started laughing, then asked what I was

talking about. I explained what it was and luckily we had packed the jewels in the birth bag.

Chase hurried and put some on while the nurse was facing the other way. Really, I just

wanted to see what the hospital staff’s reaction would be.

After a while Chelsea came in and said Dr. Edmunds was here so he would break my

water instead of the hospitalist. Dr. Edmunds came in shortly after. He walked in with a

big smile on his face and said, “So you’re 5 cm dilated!” I had just finished a contraction and

looked at him teasingly and said, “You’re not supposed to tell me.” He felt so bad for telling

me, because we had gone over it in our prenatal appointments, and hurried to read my

birth plan so he didn’t forget anything else. They laid me down so they could break my

water. He did a cervical check at the same time and discreetly told Chase what I was (I was

6 cm). I asked Chase if I had made any progress and he told me I had. Surprisingly there

was not a lot of fluid that came out when they broke my water. I got up and wanted to sit

on the ball for a little bit. Once I started swaying on the ball tons of fluid came out and

soaked the floor and my ball.

I still wanted to move a lot, so I labored sitting in bed, standing up, sitting on the

toilet, sitting on the ball, squatting with the squat bar, etc. There was a point when I was

sitting on the bed where I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore. The contractions were so

intense and it felt like it was taking FOREVER! My doulas and husband told me to change

positions and applied more counter-pressure and provided distraction. I went to the

bathroom and before I sat on the toilet another contraction came. This one felt different

and I started pushing at the end of it. As I was on the toilet, Chelsea said I needed to come

to the bed after I was done so that I didn’t have my baby on the toilet. I went to the bed

and hung over the back of it while on my knees. Chelsea tried to check me but wasn’t able

to in the position I was in, so I rolled over so she could check. She told the room I was 8

cm. She probably forgot that I didn’t want to know. I was so mad that I was only an 8! I

told everyone that I really couldn’t do it anymore and I needed the drugs. I felt like I was

yelling at everyone to just get me the drugs. Everyone was just trying to distract me and

tell me I was going to be done soon. It really didn’t feel like it. Finally, Chelsea said that it

was too late for Fentanyl, that I needed a bag of fluids before getting the epidural, and that

the anesthesiologist wouldn’t be here for about 30 minutes. It was going to be about an

hour before I could have anything and they were certain baby girl would be here by then.

She told me that she would start the fluids if I wanted her to. I told her to start the fluids.

My doulas had me get on my hands and knees hanging over the bed again so they could

provide counter-pressure. A lot of these contractions felt like I needed to push now, so I

did. I’m not sure when Dr. Edmunds came in, but he came in and checked me and I was

finally 10 cm. I just pushed when I needed to and rested in between contractions. My arms

were feeling very tired and shaky so my birth team convinced me to lie down on my left

side and continue pushing that way. I kind of just plopped down, I was so tired. My butt

was basically hanging off the side of the bed, but Dr. Edmunds was fine catching in that

position. I pushed a couple more times before baby girl came out. Dr. Edmunds told me to

reach down and grab her since he knew we wanted to catch her, but I was so tired and I

didn’t feel like I was in a good position to grab her, so I said, “Just pull her out!” A couple of

more pushes and her body was out. Her body felt massive coming out, much bigger than

my first baby. Baby girl was born at 7:28 a.m. on August 6, 2016 via an un-medicated VBAC!

After her body was out a HUGE gush of fluid came out. I literally soaked everyone that was

on that side of the bed. I ruined a couple of people’s shoes because of the flood of amniotic


I was concerned about shoulder dystocia because of my first baby getting stuck, so I

asked if she got stuck. Dr. Edmunds said, “I don’t think so, she just had a big body.” He

handed her to me and we snuggled. I had asked for a lotus birth with baby girl because I

wanted my photographer to capture her attached to placenta and because when I had

asked my previous doctor for delayed cord clamping I didn’t get it. I felt like if I asked for

an extreme, maybe they would meet me in the middle. Dr. Edmunds was amazing though

and left her attached to the cord. The nurses were saying that she was cold and they

needed to get her over the warmer, but Dr. Edmunds said, “She’s still attached to the

placenta.” I finally got more than 2 minutes of skin-to-skin with one of my babies! It took

about an hour before the placenta completely detached. Some of the membranes were still

attached inside so Dr. Edmunds cut the membranes a little so they could take baby girl, still

attached to her placenta, over to help her because her blood sugars were low and her

breathing wasn’t awesome.

Since the membranes were still attached, Dr. Edmunds had to do a manual sweep.

He said he would try to be done by the count of 10. Alexa and Robynne were holding my

hands and counting for me while he reached inside and got the clots and membranes out.

He did about 5 of those. Man, those sucked! After the fifth he said, “Okay I think I’m done.”

I asked, “Forever?!” He laughed and said yes. He then examined me for tears. He said I had

a 1st, maybe 2nd degree tear. While he was stitching me up they weighed and measured

baby girl. Dr. Edmunds and I guessed around 9 lbs and my doulas guessed around 9 lbs 2

oz. She weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long. She was only 4 oz lighter than my c-
section baby and almost a whole pound heavier than my baby that had shoulder dystocia!

The nurses came over and told me that baby girl’s blood sugars were really low and

they needed to take her to the NICU to start a glucose IV through her umbilical cord. This

broke my heart because I had tried so hard to keep my blood sugars down so this wouldn’t

happen again. (This happened with our second baby). Baby girl and Chase left to the NICU.

Dr. Edmunds came back in to give me an update on baby girl. He said her blood sugar was

so low the monitor couldn’t read it, but that she was getting the help she needed.

Every time I moved I felt some blood come out. I didn’t remember this happening

with my other children, so I was kind of concerned. I asked Dr. Edmunds to take a look at

my bleeding to see if it was a normal amount. He said it was a little more than he liked so

he wanted me to have some Pitocin. I was hoping to avoid it unless it was necessary, but

now it was necessary. As soon as they started the Pitocin I felt short of breath and had

REALLY bad cramps. I hate Pitocin!

My birth team stayed for a while after and chatted with me and made sure I was

okay before taking off and getting some well deserved rest. My new nurse, Michelle,

helped me get into a wheelchair so that she could take me into the NICU to see my baby

girl. In the NICU it looked like my gown and the walls were sparkling. I thought it was just

the Percocet kicking in. I told Chase that I felt super high. A couple of seconds later one of

the NICU nurses handed me a cup to throw up in because I wasn’t looking so good. The

next thing I remember is that same nurse asking me if I’m okay. I lifted my head up and

couldn’t see well, my ears couldn’t hear well and were ringing. I asked what was

happening. I had just fainted for the first time in my life. They wheeled me back to Labor &

Delivery and did some blood work to see what was going on. My bleeding wasn’t bad, and

the blood work came back normal, so they gave me a bag of fluids through my IV to see if

that would help. Since my birth team had left, Chase called my mom to come keep an eye

on me in case I fainted again so that Chase could go be with baby girl.

Baby girl had to be weaned off the glucose IV slowly so her blood sugars wouldn’t

drop. She was finally about to be weaned off after almost a week when her oxygen levels

started dropping. We ended up staying in the NICU for 9 days. We didn’t leave the entire

time and only left her side to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. It was a LONG 9 days. On

day 8, she failed her car seat test twice. They did her car seat test again on day 9 and she

barely passed. They finally let us go home with a pulse oximeter to measure her oxygen

levels and some rescue oxygen if her levels got too low.

I am so glad that most of our plans actually got to be a

reality. It would not have happened without all of our hard work,

preparation, Hypnobirthing classes, and help from my amazing

birth team: My husband, Dr. Sean Edmunds, Angie Rosier, Rachel

Britton, Robynne Carter, Alexa Nielson, Natalie Rohde and our

amazing birth photographer to capture it all: Julian Marks. Even

though they were not the star of this show, this show would not have happened the way it did without them.

Birth Video

How you can increase low milk supply

In the last few days I have seen multiple posts on different forums and social networks from mommas asking how they can improve or increase their milk supply. I am one of those moms who have reached out and asked that very question before. I have come to a point with all of my babies, even Webb only being 4 months old where I have noticed a depletion in my milk. I wanted to post an article from one of my favorite websites. Kelly Mom. If you have not checked out this site I totally recommend it. Kellymom offers so much information that benefits everyone. There is, Parenting, Breastfeeding, Health, Pregnancy, and more. What I love so much about this site is that it really helped me realize the facts about “low milk supply” If you have any questions or know someone who may be wondering about their milk supply or trying to save it check out this article. 🙂 AlSO if you are in need of some lactation support please feel free to e mail me I would be happy to help you find an IBCLC in your area!

Increasing Low Milk Supply

Erika Halligan’s Birth

It was the morning of August 1oth that Erika and Mason knew their world was about to change for the better. Erika was 43 weeks pregnant and was ready to meet her baby boy. The air was warm and the sun was just coming up as I pulled up to their house that morning. We arrived at the hospital just after the scheduled time and 36 hours later August 11th Erika delivered un-medicated and with such grace her 9lb 15oz baby boy covered in vernix!…….. Enjoy her birth story Via Slides here


Rachael MaWhiney’s Birth story…..

First up is a birth I hold special to my heart. This momma was amazing. Her birth was beautiful and her words make you really feel like you were there. I am so happy I got to be her doula. She will be a life long friend.  

A month ago our sweet baby was born. Being a mother is the best and hardest thing I have ever done. I started writing this so many times and Rey will wake up or I will fall asleep. Haha. But I am so happy to share this. It very long, but I didn’t want to leave anything out! ?

When I found out I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated birth, for a lot of reasons. I tried to stay open minded about the whole process. My husband and I took a birthing class together. Lauralyn Curtis class, Curtis Method. She is truly an amazing teacher and person. No matter what kind of birth you are wanting or planning her class is worth EVERY PENNY!

Anyway, here is what I remember about Rey’s birthday:

On Friday September 9th I was 41 weeks pregnant, because I was past my “due date” my doctor wanted to do a non stress test. I took the day off of work. I slept in. Cleaned the house. Then went and ate lunch with my mom. My mom came to the Non stress test at the hospital. They checked fluid level, which was good. Then they started the non stress test and baby was not reacting like they wanted her to. They told me the best option would to be induced. I was texting my doula and was so thankful that she responded back so quickly and was keeping me calm about the whole process. David (my husband) was at work. I tried texting him, no answer, so then I just started calling him again and again. I was emotional and overwhelmed to say the least. My mom was there and I was so grateful for that. I finally got ahold of my husband, David. I was relieved just hearing his voice. I updated him and told him they were inducing me and he needed to hurry home from work. He was in Lehi and headed home right then. I ran home and got my stuff. David and my dad gave me a priesthood blessing and I felt a lot calmer about things. I just could not believe it was all happening.

We got to labor and delivery around 4:30PM. They had me do a bunch of paperwork. We hung out and waited. Then we got brought back to a room and I changed into my birthing gown. I was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. So thankful I had a good starting dilation.

My doctor (Dr. Julie Grover) came in, she is amazing!! I was relieved to see her. She talked to me about a few things and then told me she thought Pitocin was the best option to get things started. They started Pit around 6:30PM. David and I turned on the TV. I got bored of that quickly. We started playing card games. The time was flying by. I was not feeling any discomfort and every now and again would feel some slight tightening.

My doctor came back in and checked on me. She then decided to break my water and turn up Pitocin to really get things going. I did not want my water broken. My doctor was so sweet and explained all my options. I had a lot of reassurance. David and I went ahead and had her break my water and up the Pitocin. Having my water broken was a CRAZY feeling. People are not kidding when they say it just comes and comes. You think it has all come out and then BAM, more fluid everywhere. Then I was start laughing and more would come out and then I would laugh harder and more would come out. Anyway you get the point. Haha! That was super entertaining.

We were playing Uno. My waves were getting more intense. They seemed really close together. I sat down on my birthing ball. I tried to rock on my ball and hated it. (I was really surprised because all my meditation during my pregnancy had been done on my ball.) David sisters were bringing him food. I didn’t realize my waves were going to get this intense this fast. So right when I was done with a wave I told him to RUN and get his food. He left quickly. Another waves came way fast. I leaned forward to hold on to the table and knocked all the Uno cards onto the floor. I remembering feeling like I was being very dramatic and wanted to clean up all the Uno cards before he came back with his food. I tried and was feeling very uncomfortable leaning forward. David came back and I wanted off my birthing ball. He helped me back to the bed.

I just wanted to lie down. I moved the bed up so I was sort of in more of an upright position. I put in my headphones to listen to some scripts from a Hypnobirthing class that I took. I got wireless headphone to use during labor. I maybe had them in for a total of one minute. Then I ripped them out and told my husband that I hated them. They were irritating the back of my neck. I am not even sure what else, but I just knew I did not like them. I also realized I did not like being in a upright position on the bed. My husband helped me to the edge of the bed.

The edge was much better. But I still was not getting any breaks between waves. I called my nurse in and ask for my Pitocin to be turned down. She agreed it could be turned down a little. My waves still felt strong and too close together. I sat on the side of the bed leaning over David. I remember at this point telling David our Doula, Meagan Heaton, needed to get here and she needed to get here NOW.

I remember being very vocal and trying to move my hips. I was leaning over David and saying Relax, Relax out loud. I was getting really sleepy, but when I leaned back or laid down the discomfort was too intense.

Meagan got there and I was SO thankful. My waves were still back-to-back, I really felt like I was not getting any breaks. Meagan helped me lay on my side with peanut ball in between my legs. That was HEAVEN. I was so happy to be lying down (which surprised me a lot). She got some essential oils and would run the bottle under my nose. I think it might have been lemon or orange. I don’t remember what but it helped me feel a lot more energetic. I was lying on my side and getting more rest and I still felt like my waves were on top of each other. David and Meagan agreed and they asked the nurse to come in. I asked her to turn down my Pitocin again. She agreed and turned down a little more.

I did much better with it turned down. I remember going with the rhythm of the waves. My doula kept telling me to imagine my cervix opening like butter (which helped me so much). My husband kept reminding me what a good job I was doing. It was beautiful. It helped so much to have people talking to me, encouraging me.

Occasionally, more often then I would have liked, a nurse would come in and fixed them monitors. Ugh, I was way annoyed by them. Honestly when they told me I had to get Pitocin I was not worried so much about the drug, as much as I was worried about not being able to move around. Anyway since I kept changing positions I was knocking the monitors off. They kept needing to fix them. The nurse suggested they do an internal monitor to watch baby’s heart beat. I just wanted them to leave, so I remember telling them to go for it. I had to lean back to get it. Super uncomfortable, but luckily it was pretty quick.

At one point I felt like I had to push. A wave of excitement came; I knew I was almost going to meet my sweet baby girl. A nurse came in and checked my cervix it was only to 8cm. My heart sunk for a second. Then my doula said, “ Wow! 100% effaced and +2 almost +3 station. She is SO low. You are SO close”. I felt relieved and tried to get back in the zone and focus on my body, not my dilation. Meagan had me take deep breaths and do “horse lips”. It was hard. I kept grunting loudly, haha. I seriously could not help it. I had a severe urge to push. I was sitting on the edge of the bed again at this point. My husband sat in front of me. I leaned over him. Although the waves were intense and it was hard for me not to push, it was beautiful. I felt so close to my baby, so close to my husband and so much peace. I went with my body. Rocking, moaning and relaxing as much as I could.

Before I knew it my doctor came in. She checked me and I was fully dilated and effaced. YES!!!!!! She told me to follow my body and push when I felt ready. AHHH!!! Yes, I was thrilled to “let it all out”. I seriously could not believe I was fully dilated. I remember feeling relieved. With the next wave, I pushed. It was so nice to go with my body. After breathing and pushing for a while I was starting to feel the baby move down even more. I remember talking to her. Telling her out loud that I would miss her inside, but it was safe and time to come out. And how excited I was to meet her. David was sitting behind me. After each wave I was able to lean back on him. Once again felt so close to baby and to David. It was a beautiful moment, to say the least!

While I was pushing Meagan suggested that we turn on some Hypnobirthing scripts. I was SO happy she suggested that. Everyone the room could hear them, which when prepping for labor I thought would be weird. But I ended up loving it. It helped me stay focus, calm and seriously so relaxed.

During this point I hated the smell of everything! I felt so sticky, wet and could smell an awful smell. I remember trying to stay focused but I could not because it smelt SO bad. (Hey, just being honest) I said something about it. My doula was awesome to encourage me that theses were normal smells for delivery. She kept saying that they affect no one else in the room. She was probably lying, Haha, but helped me at the time. I was still bugged so David got some essential oils for me to smell. That was awesome to have.

After a while of pushing on the edge of the bed I was feeling a lot of discomfort in my mid/low back. I was grateful for the counter pressure and heat packs! Props to my husband and doula!! Meagan suggested lying on my left side and trying to push. I did not want to move, but I did want to be in another position. Eventually I moved onto my left side again. David was up by my head. It was amazing to have him right there cheering me on.

I could tell she was so close! I was starting to get exhausted. Baby did not like the position I was in; her heart rate was going down. So the nurse moved me to my back. I remember thinking NOOOO not my back. I wanted to be in a different position but I did not want to actually move. Haha. So I stayed there. I was seriously felt like I could not move my body anymore. In that moment I thought trying a new position would throw me and the babies groove off. So I stayed there. I remember thinking, Am I making in progress? How long will I push for? Then my doctor was talking about how much hair she could see. I remember everyone cheering me on even more and me feeling a boast of strength and power. Our sweet baby was almost here. I pushed and pushed. I could feel her moving out then coming back in a little bit. I was getting discouraged again. I remember asking my doula. Am I doing this right? I was trying to breath her out, but felt like I had pushed for a while. Even though this part was tough and exhausting the energy and anticipation in the room was amazing.

I could feel a lot of pressure and stretching. I tried to breath and work with my body. I knew she was almost here. I remember seeing her head come out. I reached down hoping to grab her and pull her to my chest. (I was thrilled to see her) But the rest of her body had to come out. Haha. The doctor told me to hold on. The rest of her body came out easily and smoothly.

Our sweet Rey Elizabeth MaWhinney was born at 4:45AM on September 10th. I grabbed her and put her right on my chest. Her cry was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. It was amazing to hold her in my arms, feel her warmth, and look at her beautiful eyes and touch her chubby cheeks. 8lbs 9oz of heaven!

Then I looked over at my husband and it was the most beautiful feeling. The way he was looking at us. Ahhh. I am crying just thinking about it. I never ever want to forget that moment. It was so spiritual, so peaceful, and so beyond perfect!!!!

My AMAZING sister in law came and filmed at my birth. I am so very thankful she was able to capture such an amazing moment. Hayley Wynnthank you!!!!

AND When you watch the video: I kept saying, “she did such a good job”. What I meant is WE did such a good job. We were an amazing team. Birth was empowering and beyond amazing. I am so thankful for this amazing body God has given me. I am so thankful for Rey for her amazing healthy body. What an honor it is to be her mother!

Thanks for letting me share!



For the month of November I will be posting a couple birth stories a week. Birth is something I am so grateful for and I love being able to read birth stories, watch videos, or see inspiring pictures. While I was pregnant with my baby boy prepping for my “dream birth” reading stories and watching videos was something that I loved to do on a daily basis. It really helped me prep for my birth in a way. As a doula I am so grateful to be apart of these beautiful stories as well and would love to help mommas out there who may need an inspiring birth story to read. If you have a story you would like to share please e mail me HERE.


Version 2

my VBA2C Story

“In 2011 I delivered our first baby girl via Cesarean. After 12 hours of labor and getting to 3 cm dilated, I was told that I needed to go to the OR for “Failure to progress.” I was really sad but trusted in my provider that a cesarean was needed.

We became pregnant again in 2013 and I wanted to VBAC. My same provider said that he was supportive and seemed to be on board. At 36 weeks I had a weird feeling when I met with him but was too scared to switch or do anything about it. March 2014, my water broke just like it did the first time and after 18 hours my body had not yet kicked into labor. My provider came in and said that it had been long enough and even though the baby and I were not showing any signs of distress or infection the chances of infection were high and we needed to go to the OR. Once again heartbroken, I agreed and walked down to the OR.

When we found out we were pregnant again in 2015 I knew from the get go what I wanted for this pregnancy and birth. I knew most everyone would be skeptical of my choices to go for an unmedicated VBA2C and at times I can admit I was nervous. I gathered all my records from Lainey’s and Lyla’s births and took them with me to each Doctor. I read them over and over again myself trying to catch any REAL reason for my last two cesareans.

I was told by most that they felt it was safe for me to have a VBA2C. A few said they didn’t believe I ever really had a chance to labor and I just didn’t find anything I felt really should make it so I couldn’t try. I found an amazing provider (Dr. Sean Edmunds) who was very supportive and I felt very comfortable with him. But something still just didn’t feel right to me about birthing in a hospital.

After meeting with a midwife that I attended a birth with over the holidays something told me that’s where I needed to be. It took some prayers and lots of time but at 24 weeks pregnant we made the final decision that I was not going to birth at a hospital even with my history. I didn’t share this info with people because it was something my husband and I felt was right and I was worried that I may get negative thoughts questioning and I didn’t really think I could really take any of that in.

Anyway I started seeing a midwife who I absolutely adore at 24 weeks. After meeting with Danielle Demeter I knew that she was going to do everything in her power to help me achieve this goal. I hired a team of doulas (yes multiple doulas) who I knew would be exactly what we needed in this birth. My husband, Ric, was so supportive; he thought I was crazy but he supported me all along.

Fast forward to 40 weeks 4 days. He was four days overdue, but I was very content being pregnant; I was in no hurry to get him out. The pregnancy was already different in a positive way. No kidney stones, very little heartburn, chiro visits, special herbs were taken, I was able to stay active, etc. I was getting so anxious for the day to come.

June 28th I had this HUGE ball of energy and I couldn’t understand where it came from; it was a great day playing with the kids, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying being pregnant. June 29th I woke up at 3 am miserably tired but wide awake for some reason. I took a bath, played on my phone, did all these things to make me tired and nothing worked.

When I was in the bath I had all the lights off except for my phone flash light. I looked down into the tub and noticed little pieces of my mucous plug. I finished the bath and got out. I finally fell asleep at 7am and woke up at 8 am ready to be a mom for the day.

All day I felt nauseous and sluggish. I didn’t know what my deal was. I continued to see mucus throughout the day. Some of it was pink tinged. I was excited since this was a sign that something was happening inside. I knew it could be days still so I didn’t get my hopes up. We went to bed around 11:30 and I woke up to a powerful Braxton hicks contraction at 1 am. I was able to go right back to sleep but kept being woken up by these “powerful” BH every 10-12 minutes.

Finally at 2:30 I realized these were not BH they were real contractions. I was in awe. I kept falling asleep but around 3:30 something changed and suddenly the pressure of the contraction was making it way too hard to lay, let alone sleep. I got up and started walking around, pacing, and decided that I wanted to maybe get an idea of how long they were lasting and how far apart they were. They were 45-60 seconds long and 4-5 m apart. I was so excited. This had never happened to me before. I couldn’t believe I was feeling contractions.

I kept it to myself and just labored on alone in baby boy’s room and the bathroom, really anywhere I could get comfortable. I was feeling them up front but also had a strong pressure very low in the rectum area. Around 6 am things had picked up a little and I felt a small leak. I believed my water had broken. This was a fear of labor I had all along, because it’s what happened with the girls.

Anyway. I kept going but things started to slow way down. I was bummed. I showered and got ready and only had a few contractions. Ric went to work and things started picking back up. I had this unreal pressure in my bottom that never went away and intensified when I had a contraction. Ric came home around 11 and drove me up to Park City to meet with my chiro and my midwife as I already had my normal weekly visit scheduled.

I was checked and was told I was 1 cm, 90% effaced. I was excited but also a little sad because I felt like I worked so hard all morning and to only be a 1! But we went home and I kept on going. One of my beautiful doulas, Robynne Larsen Carter, and cousin/sis/doula Hillary came over and did some Rebozo stuff and essential oils on me.

We had realized that baby boy was posterior which made sense to me with how things were going. That evening things had started picking back up a little and Ric and I met my midwife and chiro at the birth center to get checked. I was told I was 2cm at that time and we decided that a foley bulb would be something to try and help me get to 4 or 5cm. It gave me some real motivation. We got home and it wasn’t even 10 minutes later the foley popped and came out. I knew that it happened for a reason. I was meant to do this on my own, I was meant to figure out what my body and baby needed to get him out.

Ric went to sleep around 3 am after my adorable doula Hillary came back to take over. She held me, tickled my back and helped me cope through all of the contractions. Around 6 am we took a walk. I suddenly had this energy again and I didn’t know where it came from as I was so exhausted. On the walk the contractions pretty much stopped again. We finished our walk and something changed. I started really feeling the contractions; they were way more painful and consistent for the most part. I wrote my team and we decided to meet at the birth center at 9 am to assess things and come up with a game plan.

My mom took the girls and we drove over to see what the plan would be. I was checked and was told I was 4 cm 100% effaced and baby was +2/3 station! Meaning LOW!!! But he was still posterior. Which explained my rectal pressure I was still having. She said, “well I think we are good to go upstairs and labor and have a baby.” I couldn’t believe my ears!!!!! I kept laboring on and on, changing positions, eating, drinking, doing everything I could do to get comfortable.

Hours later I was checked again and I was 6 cm. I was starting to doubt myself a little even though I’ve never been past 6 cm before; I was feeling like I couldn’t cope much longer. Ric, Danielle, and all my doulas kept reminding me that I was doing it and it would be okay. As the day went on I got more and more tired and just wanted a break but there was not going to be a break until he was here and I knew that. We needed this baby to flip anterior!!!

Around 5 pm or so we did an NST on him and I got all worried. Everyone seemed to be doing things around me but not really telling me what was happening. I looked at Ric, started to cry and told him I was scared. He looked me right in the eye and said, “I’M NOT SCARED! it’s going to be OK!” Right then I gathered this new confidence, remembered his words, and sat there straddling the toilet waiting to see what was going to happen.

Baby was great on the monitor and I suddenly had an urge to push. I didn’t know if I should be pushing so Danielle checked me. She didn’t really say much after and just walked away. I was so confused. She knew that she couldn’t tell me where I was at. I was obsessed and getting way into my head the entire day. Not even 5 minutes later she walks in and starts putting chux pads all over the floor. I looked at one of my doulas and said, “What is she doing, I’m confused.” Seconds later she brings in a squatting stool!!!

My eyes apparently opened wide; I knew what that meant but I didn’t think I could be ready. I turned to my doula again and said, “what is she doing?” And she said, “getting ready, I think it’s time to have a baby.” Danielle invited me over to the stool and set Ric up behind me. She checked me again and thought I was 9 cm, then said I was 7+ cm. She told me to hold on through the next contraction and then I was COMPLETE!!!! Words I always wanted to hear and never did.

She looked at me and said, “your baby is coming, it’s time to push!” I was so ready! Contractions felt good now and almost hard to recognize. Next contraction I pushed 3 times. I don’t feel like I ever held my breath, I just ROARED like a lion. She said, “Meagan feel your baby, he is right there!!!” I reached down and could feel his head!!!!!! This was happening! I looked all around me and saw the excitement on all my doulas’ faces and got a rush of adrenaline.

She said, “okay, next contraction, push again.” I took a deep breath and told myself you CAN do this! You’re strong!!! I pushed and felt an incredible amount of pressure. She said don’t push hold right there so I took a deep breath and just held as best as I could. She told me to give her some grunts. I did 2 grunts and I gave one more small push and she said, “Meagan, GRAB YOUR BABY!!!” I reached down, felt his head and made my way down to his shoulders where I could grab him and pulled him out and lifted him up on my chest! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Ric held me and we looked down at our baby boy! I looked all around the room and everyone was crying, I couldn’t believe what just happened. I did it, I actually did it!!!!! I pushed him out in 7 minutes. I kept saying, “YOU GUYS!!!! I DID IT!!!! YOU GUYS!!!! I DID IT!!!!” I held him and held him and he just chilled. He didn’t cry, he just had his hands open wide and looked around. I rubbed him and he started crying, the emotions were overbearing. After 38 1/2 hours of hard labor our sweet 6 lb 15 oz baby was here safe in our arms. Ric told me he was so proud of me and held me tight as we cried!!!

Later on I was told I had 0 tearing and was ready to head into the bedroom whenever I wanted. We walked in 25-30 minutes later and he started nursing right away! It was amazing! I am so grateful for the constant reassurance. Although I questioned myself many times, I had Ric and my team there to remind me I was strong and I could do it!!!!

I don’t know when the shock and excitement will ever wear off but as of right now I just want to share my story with everyone and talk about that moment over and over again. It was the most incredible experience. I want to tell the mommas who may be preparing for any VBAC to please believe in yourself. Study, do your research, talk with multiple doctors and go with your gut. Good luck to any VBAC mommas out there and thank you so much for letting me share my story with you today!birth8_1384445784903611_7620388125631222156_n

Mark your calendars.

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