Join me at the Meet the doula night at Babies R US

I am so excited to be able to be apart of the Babies R US classes that will be held at the Midvale Babies R US Tuesday July 21. Located at 1122 E Fort Union Blvd, Midvale, UT‎ at 6:30 pm.

I will be covering Top topics such as what a doula is, how a doula can  help ensure you have a comfortable birth, how a doula will benefit you during your pregnancy, birthing time, and postpartum period. I will answer any questions you may have and have a moment at the end where you can come and ask me any further questions you needed answered.  Partners are encouraged to come and children are welcome.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or sign up by calling 801-352-1086 These classes are FREE!


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I will be offering 10% off my services to anyone who books an interview with me that night.

HELLP Syndrome

I recently have learned more about HELLP Syndrome. I had a client that unfortunately developed this during her 35th week of pregnancy. She had symptoms such as Tightening under the ribs causing it hard/painful to take deep breaths, burping, and even nausea/vomiting. She called me one evening and was explaining these symptoms to me. I suggested she call her provider and see what she thought. I wondered if maybe the baby had turned into a funky position or had a limb up in her ribs causing those pains. She sent me a message the next day and said that her doctor wanted to test her for a few things such as Pre-eclampsia, gallstones and HELLP Syndrome. I asked her if her blood pressure was high and she said yes it was a little. She said that they did some blood work and she would let me know as soon as she found out the results in the morning. The next morning I received a call much to my surprise that the doctor had called her that morning and explained that she needed to come to the hospital because her platelet levels were low and they were concerned. After she got checked in they did another test on her platelets and they had dramatically dropped since the evening before. This called for an Emergency C-Section. The doctor came in and explained that she was in the end stages of the beginning of HELLP and it would only get worse as the days went on. She explained that the baby was doing great but my clients life was the one in danger. She agreed and they proceeded. Because her levels where so low she had to be given a platelet transfusion prior to going to the OR for her C-section. Once she got those they explained that she would not be able to have a spinal block/epidural so they would need to give her general anesthesia. This was hard news to handle but knowing the severity of it all she agreed. Since then I have read even more on HELLP syndrome and my client posted this wonderful think about it. If you would like to know more about HELLP syndrome check out the link WHat is HELLP syndrome.



Photo Cred- Tiny Blessings Doula Services


A week ago today I had the wonderful invitation to attend a birth with a couple. Words can not express how proud and happy I am of /for them. This momma worked very hard throughout her pregnancy with an ending goal of an all natural birth using Hypnobabies. She was a rockstar and achieved her goal giving birth to this perfect baby boy. I want to say Congratulations to this beautiful family on their new addition. Thank you for letting me be apart of such a special time of your life. Love your doula Meagan IMG_5935 - Version 2

Blossoming Boutique (Mommies, Babes, and Children)

Mark your calendar for May 2nd 10am-2pm for the Blossoming Boutique for mommies babies and children.

This event has many wonderful vendors. We have everything from baby accessories, baby and toddler clothing, all natural baby kits, stat blocks, photography, cloth diapers, head wraps, jamberry nail wraps, vinyl for the home, jewelry, Norwex, it works, Mary Kay, placenta encapsulator and a special future/mini Q/A from ME your local birth doula. Bring your friends and family. There will be a special gift given at the door and giveaways given every hour from many of our awesome vendors. Please feel free to invite anyone you would like.
Event details: 11116175_10152948933975787_199495060_n

When: May 2
Time: 10 am -2 pm
Where: A touch of New York salon

10382 S Jordan Gtwy Suite 160
South Jordan, Utah

Special feature from Birth Doula @ 11:11:30 am

Beauty in breastfeeding project

The Beauty In Breastfeeding Project was designed to give mothers out there a chance to share their experiences in which led them to the choice to breastfeed, their struggles and triumphs. This beautiful project was created with the partnership of Tiny Blessings Doula Services and Bud to Blossom New Family Services and Captured In Time Photography. Our goal is to raise awareness to those out there that throughout each struggle there is a triumph. There are so many mothers who never shared their feelings, problems or love with breastfeeding do to personal, medical or social stereotypes. This project has given them an opportunity to share their story to let others out there know they aren’t alone!

Birth Photography.

Birth Photography has become one of the largest trends on photography along with the milestone images and capturing that gorgeous belly before baby arrives. Tiny Blessings Doula Services has partnered with Captured in time photography who is offering a wonderful “Labor of Love” Package to Tiny Blessings clients. I would like to share her blog with you today. She is very talented and wonderful to work with and services the SLC an Davis County areas. If you have any questions for her please contact her Here

If I get an epidural is a doula not meant for me?

I am often asked the question of. So if I get/want an epidural is a doula not for me? I support all types of labor natural or medicated. I am there for you and with you along the way providing continuous physical and emotional support. I also would like to mention that I support C-section births. Being a C-section momma myself I understand the importance of that extra support in the OR. If you are planning to have a c-section and would like extra support I would suggest speaking to your provider about having a doula in the room with you and your birth partner for that extra comfort. Here is a great read on hiring a doula even when an epidural is placed.



My first bith as a doula.

After I completed my training to become a doula I decided that I wanted to be an apprentice for a few doula’s to gain more experience and knowledge. I reached out on a local forum and was so blessed to have Jennifer reply and say Please join our team. She contacted her doula Maura and she said that she would love to have me shadow her. Maura pulled me right in. I attended a pre-natal with them and instantly felt apart of their birth team. When it came time and Jennifer was in labor I arrived at the birth center with Maura. I had so many emotions running through my body. I was so curious of how it would all happen, nervous, and just full of excitement. We walked in and the feelings only grew stronger.

As the night went on I knew more and more that this new Journey that I have chosen was the correct one. I felt like I was were I needed to be. Jennifer and Maura both allowed me to be fully engaged in the process which was so wonderful. Jennifer was in such amazing control. We chatted sang danced ate food and enjoyed each others company. Really anyone that would of seen here would not of believed she was in labor. Things moved quickly and soon the baby was born. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity they gave me.
The second the baby was born my eyes filled up with tears and I looked over to Maura with probably the biggest grin on my face. I couldn’t stop smiling. After Mom and dad were all settled and it was time to leave I got in my car and just felt such a crazy amount of joy and happiness.
I just witnessed a mom go through the most amazing experience and deliver her own baby. HOW COOL IS THAT!
These babies are such blessings. I am so grateful for my amazing support system. My husband family and friends have been so kind to learn more about what I am doing, Sharing my FB page with all of you fine people and help spread the word.

Thank you all so much for the continuous love and support.

A little about why I chose to become a doula.

 A little about me and why I chose to be a Doula.
I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I couldn’t be more blessed. These two bring me so much not everyday.
Both of my babies were born VIA Cesarian. Lainey was our first and my waters broke on its own.
Contractions started about 45 m later not bad very tolerable but I knew it was time.
Ric and I did what most parents may do on their first baby which is what our OB told us to do.
Waters Broke….. GO to L&D right away right!!!
Well we loaded up and headed to the hospital. When we got there I was immediately hooked up to an IV and checked. I was at a 1! Which is more than I was before cause at all my pre natal checks I was 00000 and only 70% effaced.
Anyway after a lot 4 hours I was at a 3. I didn’t have any idea how to cope through these contractions so I would tense up and just beg Ric to help me. I ended up getting the epidural at a 3 and that’s where I stood for 4 hours. 4 hours later my doctor came in and checked me and I still hadn’t made any progress. I was considered “stalled” not knowing any other options I agreed to a C section. I cried and I didn’t want one but from the Sounds of it that’s what I needed so off to the OR we went and our beautiful Lainey was born 20 min later.
I was bummed I didn’t want a c section I was sad that I didn’t get the birth I had but was grateful for a safe baby.

After I had Lainey I started researching VBAC! I wanted one! I kept telling myself I can do that next time. Created dreams in my head that I would push a baby out.
I joined support groups once I was pregnant again and did a lot of research. Read about it all of the time.
Told my doctor I wanted to VBAC he said okay he’s done them before and he would let me try.
From the second he said try I had a bad feeling.
I was so upset for 4 weeks while I waited for my next visit. Felt like I needed to remind him again of my wishes. So I did and he said like I said I’ll let you try. Hmm right then I felt I needed to change docs but was scared to do so.
So 38 weeks 4 days my water breaks! I had totally pictured things different but I knew this was it! My husband was out of town so I called him and said catch a flight baby is coming. I didn’t want to run to the hospital this time. I didn’t want to go there at all I knew I would be on their clock the second I walked in. Contractions wouldn’t start. I bounced walked I even pumped I couldn’t get them to start. Ric got home about 10. Waters broke at 3 and contractions still hadn’t really started. But he was stressed about is not being at the hospital so off we went. I checked in and they did the same thing. IV and placed me in bed. I told them I wanted to VBAC and needed a VBAC friendly nurse. A lady walked in and said you can do this! I was so grateful she turned the lights off with me and said k had to be hooked up to the monitor ;-(
Compromising with that I stayed out of bed. I enjoyed it. Contractions started and I completely felt like I could do this.
She told me how she used to be a doula etc etc. My experience with her was amazing and it was  right then I knew I 1 should have tired a doula like I contemplated on and then 2 that’s what I wanted to do!
I unfortunately ended in a RCS 18 hours after waters broke. It was a 100% different experience I watched the whole thing which was awesome. But I am left again even more educated on birth VBAC risks pros etc and want to do it again!
I will have a doula next time and I hope me being a doula myself will help me personally.

So about 6 months after Lyla was born I made the jump and attended my DONA workshop doula training. I’m so passionate about this line of work. It’s seriously such a beautiful thing. Labor, Birth babies Etta.
I have shadowed one birth and have a client due next week and I’m giddy excited about my next birth. This is a calling of mine and I’m so excited that I get to share it with women all over.

I wanted to thank you all for reading and for sharing my page and helping me get my name out there. I really am feeling so much love and support.
I also want to thank all of you who have e mailed me with questions. I love talking to all of you.

Much love  and thanks !

Meagan Doula