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We are a team of certified professional Doulas who support all types of births in all types of birthing locations. We want to make your birthing experience special!

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Our Packages


Are you looking for Doula Services for your upcoming birth? We would LOVE to help!

Price for New Clients


Price for Repeat Clients


*Includes everything except the 1 prenatal visit

Payment Options

Payment plans accepted upon request. We accept Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, and invoices available for FSA/HSA reimbursements.

This package includes the following:
  • Complementary 30-45 min Phone or in-person interview with one of us at the desired location. An online Zoom interview with all three doulas is also available if desired.
  • 2 Prenatal visits, where we will discuss birth education, help you and your partner/birth team feel better prepared for birth, get to know you better, learn how we can best assist you, and more… (these visits are typically 1-1.5 hours)
  • Provide access to our parents portal, where you can further your education even more and find templates for your preferences if desired.
  • Support via Text, phone call, or e-mail during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience.
  • Labor/birth support
  • 1 Optional visit: Postpartum or Meal Credit
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This package includes the following:
  • Everything listed above in our birth doula package
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Everyone deservs to have support during both the birth and postpartum period if they desire. The week(s) after your baby is born can be an adjustment for everyone. We want to make this transition easier for all. We offer both day and overnight postpartum services to any parents who are looking for some extra love and support after their little one(s) joins your family. We want to help you recover and enjoy your postpartum experience with your Newborn.

Price Options


Per Hour

6-hour increments


Per Hour

6-hour increments
(Overnight/Evening Support)

This package includes the following:
  • Light meal Prep
  • Light housekeeping needs (folding laundry, washing bottles, doing the dishes)
  • Helping with breastfeeding
  • Processing (for both of you) emotional, or helping with physical needs as you recover
  • Setting up nursing stations
  • Holding baby while you sleep or shower
  • We love helping ease the pressures of everyday life by serving you in
  • Provide you with the best resources if further help is needed past our scope of a Postpartum doula
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Price for New Clients


Price for Birth/Postpartum clients


There are many benefits that placenta encapsulation can provide ie, Helping eliminate or lessen baby blues and (PPD), helps with a thicker milk supply, Provides more energy, lessens postpartum bleeding and more. It is consumed via encapsulation and done in a Raw or Traditional Chinese method form.

When you deliver your baby please store the placenta in the fridge or on ice. Please contact me to let me know when your placenta is ready and where it can be picked up. Once the encapsulation process is completed, it will be returned with the capsules within 24-48 hours, and payment will be due.

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