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Susan Boerke It’s funny how the cliché statement “all things happen for a reason” rings true with how Meagan was an integral part of my labor and birth despite not having met her before. The full moon was out and all the mamas were going into labor and having their babies at the same time. The doulas that I originally had planned to attend my birth were with other laboring women so I received a text from Meagan saying that she was going to be attending my home birth. At that point my contractions were getting harder and stronger so I wasn’t going to be too picky about who was going to support me. From the first minute that she walked into my house she did a quick assessment to see how I was feeling and what support I needed. Saying that she was amazing is an understatement. Meagan knew exactly where to put counter pressure to ease the pain while I labored standing up and she practically jumped in the pool with me to help ease the pain during transition. I don’t think she took her hands off of me for the entire time that she was here which I greatly appreciated. There was a time during the last stage of labor that my cervix wouldn’t dilate fully and Meagan knew exactly what position to get into to help with that last little bit. Her positive words and gentle, yet reassuring nature truly made this experience memorable. I would recommend Meagan as a doula in a heartbeat. You will not be disappointed!

Molly Berbert- Meagan Heaton is absolutely AHHH-MAAA-ZING!!I hadn’t originally planned on hiring a doula but after going through a terrifying emergency C-section with my first baby, I was really hoping for an unmediated natural birth this time around to gain the memories that I missed the first time. I had no idea what to expect when I first contacted Meagan. I wasn’t even really sure what a doula did, but all I can say now is that Meagan’s services were invaluable. Not only did Meagan spend time preparing me for the process of labor and learning how she may help me best cope, she also just got to know me on a personal level so that I was comfortable with her in such an intimate environment. She was such a positive light and made me feel so confident during the process. She was a huge help to my birth team as well. She gave instruction to everyone when they wanted to help with counter pressure and made everyone feel involved in the process. Meagan has such a happy disposition and really helped keep the energy in the room positive. Not once did she ever waver when I needed help to get through the pain and she was calm even as I became more distressed. She really helped me stay in control throughout contractions. She was also essential in communicating with nurses when I had needs. At one point I felt that the contractions were becoming to painful for natural birth and she made sure that the staff turned down the Pitocin so that I could have the medicine-free birth that I was dreaming of. Meagan really understands the balance between the needs of mom, family, and staff that is so crucial to a successful birth and she always made me feel like her priority. Meagan helped a dream of mine come true in the form of a beautiful natural birth.

Anyone who wants a friend and not just a coach has found that in Meagan. She is such a worthwhile investment! Best of luck, Molly

Amy Beagley- I will be forever grateful to Meagan.  There is no way that I could have done my intervention-free birth without her.  She truly was my advocate and my comfort during, before, and even after going into labor and having my child.  I texted her occasionally beforehand about worries and pregnancy symptoms and she was always quick to respond with helpful tips and so much compassion.  She exuded an incredible amount of confidence in her position.  She was very supportive of my husband’s role in the birth as well.  I remember being so incredibly scared and overwhelmed at one point with people firing questions left and right and I looked over at Meagan and she just softly nodded, giving me the confidence to respond with what I wanted. She was definitely the most peaceful presence at my birth. She is knowledgeable, confident, and incredibly compassionate. She worked hard and tirelessly to ensure that i was as comfortable as possible. I hope that she will be available for my next birth because if she is, I plan to use her again. I couldn’t be happier with her services.

Makenzie Roquemore DespainMeagan is all about you! You are the star and she wants to make anything and everything you want to happen! She helped me get through my birth with love and support. She helped me by working with my husband to put awesome counter pressure on my back when the contractions got intense. She made sure my husband was taken care of physically and emotionally. She was calm and tactful when speaking with the doctors and nurses. She’s passionate about her work and does it professionally. She was constantly concerned before, during, and after my birth. We had so much fun together and I even got something out if it I didn’t expect: a great and loyal friend. 🙂

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Angie Bushman Rosier- Meagan has a deep understanding of birth; not only the process but the emotional implications for both mother and father.  I am impressed with her positive energy that so lovingly supports women in labor.

Crystal Butler-Meagan was a very energetic and supportive doula. She was accommodating and flexible with our meeting times. What impressed me most was her absolute dedication to me and my baby. even though our planned VBAC turned into HELLP syndrome, Meagan was there with us. Helping us ask the right questions, taking pictures to capture every moment. She also knew when to step back and let us have family time and make our choices. She was a huge asset to our team always asking the doctors to come and explain what was happening. We are so glad we had her there, she brought tons of positive vibes through her words of encouragement.

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  • Nicole (Momma)- Meagan was a crucial part of my birth team. My goal was to have an unmediated vbac. I know that if she had not been there, I would not have been successful! She worked so hard during labor to help me manage my pain. She was so encouraging and always knew just what I needed to hear to keep going. She was also amazingly supportive before and after the birth. I truly feel blessed that she was a part of my labor team. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
  • Dayle (Husband)- My wife told me she wanted a doula. This in my mind was some sort of silly hippy thing (at least the way I saw it). I could have not have been more incorrect. It was important to my wife to attempt a natural birth and with out Megan I am not sure that she would have achieved her goal. The support throughout the entire process was second to none. Thank you Megan for all you do you are great!

Salt lake doula helps mom achieve her vaginal birth after cesarean

Tawny De Dios Meagan is wonderful! Placenta encapsulation was something I knew I wanted to do after birth, and Megan made that possible. She was so easy to work with, and she didn’t waste anytime. She provided me with useful information, timely service and someone to talk to. I would highly recommend her to anyone needed encapsulation or doula services. Her energy is contagious! Thank you for providing me with a something that meant so much to me!


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