Testimonials on Brittany Miller

Truly would give 10 stars if I could – Brittany was so amazing and completely transformed our labor experience. I ended up hiring them at 41.5 weeks after having a failed induction. They completely transformed my experience from then on out, and I went on to have an induction at 42 weeks, and it ended up being PERFECT. Brittany was so amazing on my actual day of labor with different musicians, coaching, and overall just making sure it was the tranquil, spa-like experience I wanted. If you spend any money during pregnancy, spend it on their team!! I only wish I would’ve hired them sooner and will absolutely be using them for my next brith.

We are forever grateful.

My husband and I truly believe that being without a doula for pregnancy, labor, and delivery is like training for the Olympics without a coach. We are excited and looking forward to working with them when we decide to go for #2.”- Aryn West

“Brittany Miller was an answered prayer. My husband and I interviewed several doulas, but as soon as we met with her on Zoom we were impressed with her knowledge and experience and hired her right away. Best. Decision. Ever. We immediately felt so much peace knowing she would be there to guide and support us. Throughout pregnancy, she was extremely responsive and attentive. She came over a few times to practice breathing and stretching, and she let me borrow her riebozo and medicine ball. Although she was great throughout the pregnancy, she shined the most on labor day. She came over to my house and had me doing exercises to help with baby positioning. As soon as we got to the hospital she took the initiative by asking for a wireless fetal monitor and setting up the room. While there, she reminded me to drink water and go to the restroom- sounds minor but it was so beneficial. My husband was most impressed by how hands on she was. Every time I had a contraction she was quick to apply pressure to relieve pain. Two hours after arriving at the hospital, my princess Fernanda was latched and eating thanks to Brittany’s help. It’s tough to describe how incredibly grateful I am for Brittany and everything she did— I really can’t imagine a better doula. When it’s time for baby #2, I need Brittany Miller in the room.

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