Testimonials on Meagan Heaton

Meagan is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her enough! They were a calming source throughout my pregnancy/L&D and navigating the added challenges of doing it all through a pandemic. They are so incredibly knowledgeable and experienced – I truly don’t know what I would have done without them… They were consistently one step ahead of the Midwives/Drs, and frankly more knowledgeable and informative than our midwives with a lot of their guidance (there was something very important missed by Drs and Midwives that Meagan caught) They made my experience so much better than it would have been if they weren’t there… I strongly believe I would have ended up having to have an emergency C-section without their support. I had a very long L&D and they never left my side and both supported me so tremendously over the course of several days. I’m so blessed that they were there and so appreciative of everything they did for me/my baby and my husband!

Meagan is amazing!!!!! Honestly, words can’t say enough about the help she has given me in both of my births. She was there to help guide my husband on how to best help me, and how to help myself in labor and answered all of our questions. She connected with us very quickly and made us feel comfortable. We absolutely love her and would recommend her for whatever birth type or experience you want!

My labor was long and painful, and she was there every step of the way. She knew what position to put me in to help reduce pain. My twin B was an emergency c-section, and I was so scared. The nurses were so busy getting the baby out that they weren’t there to help me. I was throwing up and having a panic attack, and Meagan was there right by my side, talking me through what was going on. She even saw the doctor about to staple my stomach back together and knew I did not want that. She was able to express that to the doctor and be my voice because I was so out of it. I appreciate how calm she was during everything because I was so scared. She was amazing!

It also helped my nerves to text her before and after birth. She was so helpful in answering all the random questions I had about pregnancy and postpartum.

Meagan was so easy to talk to it felt like we had been friends for years. It wasn’t weird having her there during my labor and delivery. I highly recommend having a doula. The nurses during labor are not able to be with you as often so having a doula there to help me and guide me every step of the way was so helpful. I recommend a doula to all my friends now!

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