Welcome Christin and Brittany- Tiny Blessings has two more amazing doulas

Hello everyone! We are so excited to announce that there are three of us now. Welcoming Christin and Brittany to the Tiny Blessings team!

Christin and Brittany have been doulas for years serving couples all over Utah and Texas. Tiny Blessings is so excited to welcome them to the team. Between the three of us, we have experience at the U of U, St. Marks, IMC, Layton, Davis, American Fork, Utah Valley, Mnt. Timp, Tooele, and Birth centers all over the valley. There are three of us to assure that you always have a sharp and fresh doula on your team. Feel free to explore our site and learn more about our doula serviecs and us. When you hire us you will have a chance to meet all three of us to assure you know the face walking into your birth.