My first bith as a doula.

After I completed my training to become a doula I decided that I wanted to be an apprentice for a few doula’s to gain more experience and knowledge. I reached out on a local forum and was so blessed to have Jennifer reply and say Please join our team. She contacted her doula Maura and she said that she would love to have me shadow her. Maura pulled me right in. I attended a pre-natal with them and instantly felt apart of their birth team. When it came time and Jennifer was in labor I arrived at the birth center with Maura. I had so many emotions running through my body. I was so curious of how it would all happen, nervous, and just full of excitement. We walked in and the feelings only grew stronger.

As the night went on I knew more and more that this new Journey that I have chosen was the correct one. I felt like I was were I needed to be. Jennifer and Maura both allowed me to be fully engaged in the process which was so wonderful. Jennifer was in such amazing control. We chatted sang danced ate food and enjoyed each others company. Really anyone that would of seen here would not of believed she was in labor. Things moved quickly and soon the baby was born. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity they gave me.
The second the baby was born my eyes filled up with tears and I looked over to Maura with probably the biggest grin on my face. I couldn’t stop smiling. After Mom and dad were all settled and it was time to leave I got in my car and just felt such a crazy amount of joy and happiness.
I just witnessed a mom go through the most amazing experience and deliver her own baby. HOW COOL IS THAT!
These babies are such blessings. I am so grateful for my amazing support system. My husband family and friends have been so kind to learn more about what I am doing, Sharing my FB page with all of you fine people and help spread the word.

Thank you all so much for the continuous love and support.