Three C-Sections

My name is Sarah, I am twenty seven years old, a mom to three girls and i’ve had three c-sections!! my husband and i got married in 2012 and didn’t wait very long to get our family started! i did very little research and before we knew it we were staring at a positive pregnancy test! we were ecstatic!!! i had a pretty rough pregnancy, and was throwing up from the very beginning until about 25 weeks. as this was my first baby, i did some light reading but honestly not much, i never went to any birth classes and didn’t really have a “birth plan”. all that mattered was that momma and baby were safe in the end! at 36 weeks i had an ultra sound to check the position of my baby and found out that she was breech and that my amniotic fluids were  low! I was told to take it easy for a week and would check my fluid levels again at my next appointment! a week passed and at my 37 week appointment my fluid levels had dropped even more and was sent for a more detailed ultrasound to determine whether or not baby was coming that day or not and a stress test to check on baby! my amniotic fluid levels were so low— there was basically nothing in there and because baby was breech there was no way to turn her to be induced so i was sent in for an “emergency c-section” that day and honestly, i wasn’t disappointed at all. like i said, i never had a birth plan so i didn’t feel heart broken for it not going as we had planned! the surgery went well and i was surprisingly very impressed with how it all went! we were so happy to have our baby girl here! i always wanted my babies super close in age so we got pregnant again 12 months later! i was interested in doing a v-bac but wasn’t certain so i did some research and talked with my doctor but in the end my husband and i decided to go with a return cesearen! my second procedure went fine but not as smoothly! i was very nauseous and threw up during the surgery which was so miserable. And all i could think about was when it would be over! baby number two ended up in the nicu for a few hours for a few minor complications! we ended up getting pregnant with baby number 3 in november of 2017 and just like my other pregnancies it was a very difficult pregnancy! my OB doesn’t allow a v-bac after two c-sections so that wasn’t even an option but both my husband and I were okay with it… we were overall very happy with our first two births! because of how my second procedure went i made sure to go into my third c-section with lots of positivity and made sure to get some nausea medication as soon as we were in the OR, my husband and i listened to music during the procedure and talked to the doctors about vehicle wraps my husband had recently finished and other random topics. my third c-section went SO smoothly and i was SO happy with the outcome! with my third cesarean i was able to do skin to skin with my baby while they were stitching me up unlike my other two c-sections which made my experience that much better! i loved my c-sections and i wouldn’t have changed how my birth stories turned out!! i love my “battle wound” and that it shows all the amazing things my body went through to bring my three beautiful daughters here!Doula i