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5 common doula myths you may hear

  When I tell people I’m a doula I get a lot of responses like oh my gosh you deliver babies, or do you take over the dads job during labor? I think there are a lot of myths about doulas. Here are a few of the most common myths. As your Doula my goal […]

Birth of Gabrielle Elaine Robinson

Un-medicated VBAC! After two weeks of prodromal labor, two false-alarm visits to Labor & Delivery, and an external cephalic version to turn baby girl head down since she was breech, my birth time had finally arrived at 36 weeks 5 days. You would think after going into labor on my own two times before that […]

Rachael MaWhiney’s Birth story…..

First up is a birth I hold special to my heart. This momma was amazing. Her birth was beautiful and her words make you really feel like you were there. I am so happy I got to be her doula. She will be a life long friend.   A month ago our sweet baby was […]