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Tiny Blessings doula year in review

This year has been a big one for us. A lot of AWESOME things and big changes have been made to Tiny Blessings doula services. We are so excited to see what the next year brings. In today’s post we wanted to recap a little of whats happened this year with you.

February: Meagan was voted Best Doula in Utah! This was such a crazy amazing honor. We would like to thank all of those who nominated and voted Meagan for this incredible award. Tears were flowing that night with high magnitudes of gratitude.

Tiny Blessings doula Meagan Heaton voted best doula in Salt Lake City Utah

June: Meagan’s podcast and education course The VBAC Link ( turned 1! If you haven’t had a chance to listen, download The VBAC Link Podcast on your podcast platform and give it a listen. It is filled with amazing information and inspiring stories from so many women of strength.

vbac link doula Meagan Heaton
Tiny Blessings doula services laughing in a field

August: Meagan and Melinda officially became partners which has been the most amazing experience ever. Meagan says “I am so grateful for such an incredible business partner, The reviews we are getting from our clients have been outstanding. I knew they would all love her just like I do. I am SO grateful for her”

Meagan and Melinda Tiny Blessings doula services

September: Meagan attended the Evidence Based Birth conference in Kentucky while Melinda held down the fort here at home. The conference was incredible and has truly helped us as doulas be better informed about what is happening out there in the birth world.

Tiny Blessings doula with Evidence based birth Rebecca Decker

And all the months in between serving more amazing, inspiring couples all over the Salt Lake valley. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us and inviting us into your birth spaces. We love you ALL!

Amazing vaginal birth with Tiny Blessings doula Melinda
Salt Lake doula  supports client emotionally while in tub

Meagan Heaton Doula in Salt Lake

When I decided to become a doula I knew I wanted to help couples. The nurse that was also a doula when I was TOLAC(ing) with my second baby truly did wonders. She wasn’t able to spend the entire time with me but when she would come into the room and apply counter pressure and feel me with positive affirmations. Although the birth ended in a Repeat C-section I was so grateful for her presence during that birth. Learn more about me Meagan Heaton and why I became a birth doula here HERE

Click HERE to more about Meagan Heaton AND  Subscribe to her YouTube Page to stay up to date on her Fitness tips during and after pregnancy.

Fresh Living – What is a doula??

Utah doula Meagan Heaton with Good Things Utah Kari DiazFresh Living Recently asked me to come on and explain more on doulas. When people ask me what I do and I reply with “I’m a Doula” I often get odd looks like WHAT? What is a doula? When I reply I’m someone that joins a couple and provides continuous physical, emotional, and educational support people often will reply OH! So you’re a midwife. Although Midwives and doulas share a passion for pregnancy, moms, birth, babies, and postpartum care we are very different. I also have people comment saying so you probably only do home births then huh. That is one of the biggest misconceptions of a doula. Doula’s support birthing places. Home, Hospital, and Birth Centers. I have many clients who want to go unmedicated but there is also a good amount of women who really have no desire to go natural. They look forward to getting the epidural but want a doula there for the support. Even with an epidural there are a lot of things that I can do as a doula to help with the laboring process. Changing positions is something that is really helpful in labor and helping with progression. Along with the positions I can help provide education to help mom and birthing partner(s) to feel comfortable. Something else people are not aware of is I can also offer C-section support. Having had multiple c-sections myself I feel like I can personally relate to my c section mommas. I love when I am able to help educate a family on the process and even join them in the OR and help them feel comfortable when the day comes.

It was so much fun to be on Fresh Living with Kari Diaz and her co Host Nicola last week talking about what a doula is and how a doula can benefit you. Click HERE to see more on the Fresh Living Segment and what a doula is. Always feel free to message me with any questions.Good Things Utah invites Meagan heaton Salt Lake City doula to explain more about doulas